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04 February 2017 @ 08:56 pm
Hi guys! Welcome to my newly created community neko_no_koi, (I love cats, which explains why the community name is that~)
This community is a place for me to share my work where I upload non-Johnny's related work. I mainly do one-man work here, from translation to encode. But, sometimes it maybe two-man work or more.
If possible, please support the artistes by buying their original disc!

How do you join?
Firstly, read my rules.
Secondly, drop a comment below~ (An introduction about yourself, why/how did you fall for certain artistes)
Thirdly, as stated below, please ensure you're using a LJ account to join.
Fourthly, click on the join community button!
*Your comment will be screened.

- Do not reupload my videos on sharing sites OR upload my videos onto streaming sites.
- Do not hotlink my download page, or share my links outside of the community.
- I'm doing this for free, so do not sell or distribute my subbed videos in any form of method.
- Do not share any sort of content, that you can find here through any sorts of communication including private chats. If your friend wishes to watch the videos, please ask them to join the community.
- Do not claim that my work belongs to you.
- Do not abuse my work.
- Do not modify any of my files. Changing of names, making softsubs into hardsubs are not allowed.
- Re-translation is allowed, just ask for permission. Softsubs are not always provided, so please keep that in mind!
- Don't mention my community name, for security purposes.

* Only Livejournal users are accepted. If anyone joins using a non-LJ account will be immediately removed, and you'll NOT be informed about it. Likewise, do not attempt to re-join after you've been removed if you're still using a non-LJ account.
26 February 2017 @ 05:00 am
Greetings everyone!!! As you guys might know I am the admin of NNK.
I just wanted you guys to know that I am alittle busy with my personal life and I might get really slow in uploading the episodes of Ubai Ai, Fuyu and Shiawase no Kioku, but I'll surely get it done so I'd like all of you to be patient with me.

I am also kind of not being very responsive to comments these days but I just want you guys to know that even though I did not respond to your comment, I have read it and answered it in my head but since I am kinda busy and kinda procrastinate alot, I end up not replying altogether... I am really sorry if I made you feel bad because of it.
And I surely don't plan on making my community moderated for now since no one have broken the rules and I hope it wouldn't happen anytime soon either.

BUT!!! The main reason I am writing this is, as I've mentioned above that I am kind of busy at the moment so I'd like to look for some help. I don't plan to force this on anyone but if anyone is free, I'd like anyone willing to help, help me with proof-reading my translations and check my work as I don't seem to find time to rewatch everything I've done because I know that I am very delayed with all the projects (Ofcourse also let me know if my timing is off). I am saying this because when I got time to check my work for the previous two episodes of Ubai Ai, Fuyu, I realized mistakes I've done, but it was too late to redo it all over again.
I would also like to look for other translators or spot-translators.

Requirements for Proof-readers:
-Enough memory space to download the raw and softsub
-Knows English well enough
-A little knowledge in Japanese language.

Requirements for Translators and Spot-Translators:
-Enough memory space to download the raw and softsub.
-Able to translate from Japanese to English with or without Japanese subtitles.
-Able to speak English.

Thank you for your time to read this!!
If you'd like to help, please send me a message or comment below~
Any other sort of help is appreciated as well!
Please look forward to our future releases!
Have a nice day!!
07 February 2017 @ 03:11 am
Greetings everyone,
I am planning on subbing Shiawase no Kioku and I am looking for the raw in 720p.
It'd be really helpful if anyone can help me find it...
Thank you!!!
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